Nedenia’s earliest memories are of playing dress-up. As a very young girl, she’d throw on a ball gown from one of her grandmother’s trunks and sashay down to meet the family at the breakfast table. But Nedenia’s play wardrobe was a trove of couture evening clothes and other finery handed down from a long line of celebrated fashion icons. Her great grandmother was Marjorie Merriweather Post who was often described as the epitome of grace and style. Her grandmother, Dina Merrill is a famed actress and a deeply committed philanthropist with a place in the international best-dressed Hall of Fame. Her mother, Nina Rumbough, a former fashion PR executive, is now an accomplished fine art photographer.

Nedenia took every opportunity to tag along with the family matriarchs to their favorite designers’ studios, where the ladies all knew one another, and the designers knew the ladies, their bodies, and their preferences. The atmosphere was convivial, solicitous, and fun – in short, like a party. The sense of community and intimacy this mode of shopping fostered made an indelible impression on her.

Upon graduating from Brown University with a degree in Art History, Nedenia focused on honing her fashion skills and industry experience. She attended the graduate program in fashion design at Parsons and sharpened her technical acumen with apprenticeships in the design studios of Vera Wang, Alice & Olivia, and her ultimate industry mentor, Peggy Jennings.

This lifetime of fashion tutelage at the hems of revered style icons has culminated in the launch of DEE HUTTON. Building on those influences with her own exuberant, youthful sensibility, Nedenia has created a new retail model for the modern luxury consumer. While steeped in iconic influences and couture tradition, DEE HUTTON also represents Nedenia’s lifelong ambition to go to work every day to do the one thing she’s loved most since childhood – play dress-up with friends.